Break-AwkwardThere is nothing that worst than ruining a date with the dreaded awkward silence. This is the moment where the hopes and dreams of ever getting together with your date cease to exist. It may start as a moment of silence befallen upon your dinner table, that can last up to what seems like an eternity. Everyone hates awkward silence, especially if you see a date going well only to be caught inside the black hole of silences.

Since we are all rooting for everyone who wish to have their date go successfully, we’d like to wish everyone good luck in their endeavours in the dating world.

There are millions of ways on how to break the awkward silence loop, but one thing is for certain: prevention is the best cure.

Which is why we are providing you with the key tactics on how to avoid the dreaded awkward silence before it even starts, you know, so you could make that dream of a wedding a reality.


Anything, really, that compliments your significant other is a sure-fire way to keep the conversation going. It does not cause awkwardness, okay, maybe a bit shyness on the receivers end. But that’s better than having to sit through a silent meal, right?

Make eye contact and smile

Not only it expresses that you’re really into her, it also encourages the both of you to keep talking. Making eye contact and smiling is a body language universally known that means you are interested to the person before you. Being distracted or looking away very often is a sign that you are not interested with talking to your date.

Don’t go too personal

Asking wildly inappropriate questions or talking about something you shouldn’t is a big no-no if your on your first few dates. That single line of “I have 20 cats” or “I’m still in love with my ex” is something that you shouldn’t tell your date. Talk to her about things that interest the both of you, like water on Mars, perhaps?

Listen and Respond

When she likes to talk, listen. And by listening, we meant really listen and not play movies in your head. That way, after she’s done talking, you can have a genuine response other than “Cool story, bro.” If you listen intently and answer correctly, spawns of conversations can start.

Don’t ask too much!

Dating is getting to know someone. Well, that in a manner of enjoying the moment. Unless your date is a potential hire for your company where you are in charge of hiring, don’t interview her. Keep the questions and conversations light and casual. Ask her questions that are meant to know more about the other, not questions that would make her wish she hadn’t left the office!

Be active

One way of avoiding awkward silences is by not sitting at a table across from each other. Instead, opt to go someplace where you can do activities that you’ll both enjoy. Being in a different environment other than a sit-down dinner would surely keep you both happy and not bored at all.

Choose safe topics

Simply ask about her favourite movies, food, drinks, etc. Don’t go overboard and discuss about marriage and divorce. Again, we suggest to keep the conversations light and casual. After all, your main goal is to know her, not marry her that same night.

Don’t force it

With all these tricks and tips, there’s just one moment where you don’t stick the landing. Meaning you just landed one of the boring dates one can personally have. Don’t try to force anything on the date to make it work. If everything else fails, don’t worry, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

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