How to Tell Your Girl/Boy You’ve Fallen for someone else

why-break-up-now1Breaking up with someone is never easy. You’ll be throwing away time and effort you invested in the relationship. Breaking up with her because you’ve fallen for someone else is even harder. For one, you need to tell her; there’s no point, really, in hiding the fact that you are keeping two women on the hook for you.

If you’re worried that your girlfriend may not react well, face it. That is the integral part of dating that all of us must go through atleast once. Tell her, suck it up, and get over with it.

4 Bad ideas when breaking up

Hiding the fact you’ve fallen for someone else

Not only will you leave her hanging there without a clue what just happened, you’ll also be considered a total douche bag for not telling her.

Announcing it on social media

She’ll get the idea and soon enough, her back up girlfriends would surely be up and all over you Facebook page, spamming you with hate.

Breaking up via text or email

First of all, it’s inappropriate. Second, you’ll look like a coward for not facing her and telling her how you really feel.

Leaving a phone message

Breaking up via text is bad; leaving her a message is definitely worst. Imagine leaving her there without any idea on what just happened.

3 Better Ideas

Give each other sometime

After breaking up, it’s best to keep your distance. Even if you do want to be friends with each other, it’s best if you not see each other for awhile. After a decent time, though, and after you’ve recovered from the heartbreak of your relationship, it’s okay to reconcile with them in a friendly manner. Just make sure to let your current partner know, or at the very least, not fall in love with your ex this time.

Grow up

Don’t become a stuck up little child ranting on Facebook about your relationship. Man up and accept the fact that you’ve broken up with her. After all, it is the consequence that you must pay for your actions.

Keep postings to a minimum

Again, the world doesn’t care about your relationship blues. Especially when you post in on social media, it can be a bit annoying. Nobody wants to see you kissing passionately with your new girl, stop it. That and also your ex might see your current posts, and if they haven’t moved on yet, it may hurt their feelings.