Online Dating Etiquette

Online dating should remain anonymous, after all that is the idea why we hide behind our glaring monitor at night. But, living in the same city as your dating pool, there’s bound to be a few instances where you’d lock eyes into someone you’ve met online.

Even though internet dating can be considered a norm nowadays, others are still reluctant to admit that they take a part in it. It’s something that we’re not ashamed of yet at the same time we’re not ready to announce it to the whole world. But, imagine walking into a grocery aisle, only to bump into someone you’ve chat up and eventually rejected a few days ago. Get ready, if it’s bound to happen, you can handle it in several ways:

online-couple-datingIf you like them- Just play it cool. It’s a very great opportunity to make small talk with someone you’ve fallen in love with in the past few days. Besides that, if they are into you, too, you guys have now officially met in person. In opens up new doors into a possible relationship you guys might just have.

If it’s someone you’ve come across with- The most appropriate thing to do is just move on. Maybe a sly smile here or there, but not really necessary. There’s no need to open up the idea that you’ve come across each other on a dating site. It’s best to not mention or even pretend you’ve never seen their profile. If their courteous enough, and pray they are, they won’t mention yours, too.

If it’s someone you hate- There’s always that danger of encountering someone that you don’t want. And it makes the situation much awkward when you discover them online, then bump into them in real life. But, if say, you have a stalker or your ex using the same dating app as yours, best option would be to either delete it or block them. And thank me for it, because as far as I’m concerned, they’d do the same to you.